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Cabin Guide

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Thanks for Booking the Keystone Cabin!

We are excited you are here and want to make this a fun and pleasant stay for you. We have provided this guide to help you with every detail you may need to know when staying at the Cabin. Please let us know ahead if you would like someone to meet you and help with directions or any other requests. We are happy to show you where to go and answer any other questions.

*We highly recommend you arrive at least an hour before dark to get to the cabin in the daylight and have time to get oriented*

Getting Here

From Salmo: From the Salmo Esso head north on Highway 6 towards Nelson for 1.9 km (1.2 miles). Our driveway is the first left after Sheloff Rd. Look for a small sign that says For-rest Retreat and some salmon on the poles next to the driveway. Our address is 8960 Highway 6. Across the highway you will see a red barn.

From Nelson: Head South on Highway 6 towards Whitewater and Ymir. After 39 km (24 miles) our driveway will be on the right. We are 3 driveways past Bonderoff Road.Look for a small sign that says For-rest Retreat and some salmon on the poles next to the driveway. Our address is 8960 Highway 6. Across the highway you will see a red barn.

Parking and The Hike to the Cabin

When you come down the driveway turn left at the house and park at the cabin parking sign.  

The Hike takes about 10 minutes and has 70’ elevation gain. It is 0.7 km long. *Note that this is a narrow hiking trail and not suitable for coolers on wheels, suitcases or wide wagons. It is recommended that you use backpacks to bring your items into the cabin. There is a wheelbarrow in the summer and a sled in the winter you are welcome to use as well.

From your car walk towards the rail trail (sw). The cabin trail will almost hit the rail trail but as soon as you come out to it, look for the faint trail heading back into the trees parallel to the rail trail (do not follow the rail trail). This next section of trail is part of the railway easement along the edge of our property so you will not see any signs until you get back onto the property.

Soon you will be in some larger cedars and right up against our rock wall. The trail continues between the rail trail and the rock for a brief period and starts to climb slightly. 

You will eventually see a no trespassing sign (which you can ignore) and shortly after that you will see a sign for the cabin trail.

*Please be very respectful as you walk through this section. The trail climbs above the boundary of our neighbours’ property. If you have dogs (that wander) with you keep them leashed here.The trail should be straightforward from here (there is one jct. where you stay left to get to the cabin – right goes up to the trails and is labeled Green Bean) and shortly you will come out onto a 4wd road. Go down to the left and you will see the cabin. 

Link to Our Trails:

Cabin Basics

We hope you enjoy our cabin as much as we do. It has been a labour of love for us and we will continue to make improvements every year. There is a guest book inside if you have any comments or suggestions.

Getting In: You should have been given a code for the keypad. If you have any issues getting in the cabin please call us immediately and we will help you out.

Solar Lights: As soon as you enter the door, there is a small light switch on your right. Other switches can be found around the cabin, including one just up the loft stairs. Please be conservative and only have them on when you need them. If you are going outside, please turn them off.

If for some reason you run out of solar power, there are battery powered lamps and extra batteries in a drawer.

Chargers: You will see two charging stations in the cabin where you can plug in your phone or other devices to charge. 
**PLEASE DO NOT PLUG IN ANYTHING ELSE. Our system is run on solar and only meant for charging devices, not plugging in hair dryers or music players etc.

Water – Summer: We now have water at the cabin for washing and showering! This water is not treated so we will provide jugs of potable drinking water for your stay as well. Please only use the water in jugs for drinking water and use the water at the hand pump outside the cabin for everything else. If you are getting low on drinking water, please let us know.

Water – Winter: We are unable to bring drinking water up to the cabin once our access road is covered in snow. There will be snow to melt for dishes etc. but only 2-3 gallons of drinking water will be provided. You will need to carry up drinking water for longer stays or if you have a big group.

Food: Please store your food either in the cooler provided or in the designated food drawer so as to not attract mice. Do not leave the cooler outside in the summer.

Cooking: We have a covered bbq right outside the door which has a burner on it. We also have a stovetop inside the cabin. Both are attached to the same propane tank, which you will need to turn on outside. Please also turn off the propane after you leave.

When using the stove inside, crack the window next to it.

Beds: There is a queen bed and a queen futon downstairs and 2 twin floor mattress in the loft. All bedding is provided and there are plenty of extra blankets.

Wood Stove: In the winter months, we will try to have a fire started in the wood stove before you arrive.There will be some wood provided next to the stove and more in the shed. Please do not use the stove during fire season.

Wildlife: We have seen black bears, moose, deer, turkeys, birds, squirrels, bats and coyotes on the property. We have seen signs of elk, wolves and cougar as well. Please be cautious and respectful. There is a bear spray in the cabin that you can take with you on walks.

Outhouse: You passed the outhouse on your way to the cabin. It is just up the road on your right. There will be toilet paper in there already and there is backup in the cabin kitchen area.

Outdoor Fire Pit: Feel free to use the outdoor fire pit when there is not a fire ban. Keep your fires small and use the scrap wood in the box outside (please save our stacked wood for the wood stove) Please make sure it is fully out before you leave it unattended.

Showering: There are wash basins provided at the cabin and a battery powered camp shower outside for summer use. The charging cord for the shower pump is next to the back door.

The Trails

Map of Trail to Cabin

For-rest Retreat Trails

We have been working on a few trails on the property. There is a shorter and longer option, both with great views of the valley. If you head up the road you will access the trails. Anything below the cabin will quickly run up against our neighbours properties.

About the Cabin

Keystone cabin is part of For-rest Retreat

We named it Keystone cabin because it sits at the base of Keystone Mountain.

All we really know about the cabin history is that it was built in the 50’s by a man who lived by himself and fought in ww2. It was in very rough shape when we bought the property and we put a lot of work into fixing it up.

The cabin is furnished with some furniture that used to belong to my grandmother. She was an exceptional lady and a true pioneer. She grew up in the foothills of Alberta and spent much of her life living in off grid cabins.

There are a few pictures around of our family and their homestead. The wash basins and coffee pot also belonged to my grandparents.

If you would like information about things to do in the area

please don’t hesitate to ask us for recommendations.

Enjoy your solitude at the Keystone Cabin.

Remember to sign our guest book!